At, we aim to create something that user frequently wants. Our aim is to provide all users with seamless ultra advanced and secure WhatsApp. The advancement in technology and daily release of new featured apps open up the horizon of opportunities and competitive approaches among developers to enhance user experience, usability, and easy to access features.

Why Should You Prefer GB Version Over Classic WhatsApp?

As mentioned in the features, it is the best version of the currently available famous social communication channel, WhatsApp. The best part is that these features come with no cost. They are all free and are updated from time to time. The privacy part is the one to focus on. It not only provides internal security but also lets you be more private while using WhatsApp. You can switch off online status, which means you will be able to see others who are online but not them. Moreover, you can see other’s WhatsApp statuses without them being notified.

Who Are We

A team of dedicated developers and lifelong learners who decided to build something extraordinary. This features rich variant of WhatsApp was mind-boggling to develop until it was done. Our team’s dedication and efforts are behind the seamless communication with customized privacy features.

About The Updates

Just like any messaging app is updated from time to time, we aim to build a robust user experience by continuously improving the existing models and products. This WhatsApp version is also improved timely. Continuously adding new features is shared here regularly with all users. Therefore it is advised to keep checking our blog section and stay updated on newly added features.

Need Help?

if you need to resolve some issues or want to add new features to an already existing updated version, we are open to suggestions. You can always contact us through WhatsApp to get your app bugs fixed and improve your overall experience.

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