GB WhatsApp Download Official Latest Apk – January 2024

GB WhatsApp is an improved version of world renowned WhatsApp. It is also known as GB WA which is a short form of official gb whatsapp. You might wonder what makes it special and relatively common like the classic one. There are several reasons, the ones I like are status download, enhanced privacy e.g. last seen off, status seen off, and design features like improved themes, stylish fonts, and fun stickers. All of these features persuade you to download gb whatsapp and replace the default version.

While WhatsApp has revolutionized modern day communication, it has failed to provide its users with every feature possible for them to use, which other alternatives have successfully done. Among such alternatives to WhatsApp, GB Whatsapp takes the lead and has provided users with privacy features that WhatsApp lacks.

Secure Download

Official GB WhatsApp Website

Hide Online

Auto Reply

Last Seen Off

Status Download

Custom Stickers

Vibrant Themes

Anti Delete Mode

Multiple Profiles

Disable Double Tick

More Status Length

What Is GB Whatsapp Apk?

GB whatsapp apk is an alternative version of the traditional WhatsApp app. You can also say, it is an extra featured, copycat version of the classic WhatsApp. You will find all the possible features you can imagine in classic version.

The most prominent features that classic version lacks and you can get after whatsapp gb download is status download. GB Wa also takes the lead in providing privacy features like freeze last seen, status downloader, blue tick until after reply, DND mode, and more. 

GB Whatsapp offers users everything that the default one does, but better. You just have to download and install it on your phone and you are good to go. It is used just like the default version and you don’t need to worry about UI change. 

GB Whatsapp Apk File

It is a downloadable file you can install on your smartphone to use GB Whatsapp. GB Whatsapp’s latest version is V.17.76, which is about 51 MB and is workable with Android version 4.3 or above.

Secure Download

Secure Download

Name GB WhatsApp APK
Compatability4.3 and above
VersionLatest Version 17.76
Total Downloads10,000,000
File Size52 MB
Root RequiredNo
FeaturesAll GB WA Features
Updated On1 hour ago

You might wonder how gb whatsapp became leading communication app? Since the dawn of mobile phones, everything has been innovated: communication, mail, and even lifestyles. As the world grew, people started to connect through social media, and WhatsApp became a leading application. Gb wa version gave features that people demanded leading to a successful third party app.

How To Download GB WhatsApp For Free And Install?

Gb whatsapp which is often confused as bg whatsapp, gibi whatsapp and jibi whatsap has various version. After update, new features are added with added improvements. The gb whatsapp anti ban version is common which is included in latest updated file.

You can install the one that meets your system requirements. After that, download the file. Wait for WhatsApp GB to download, and then you can install it on your mobile phone. Knowing how to download gb whatsapp on android is as easy as pie.

5 steps to install the GB WhatsApp app securely and successfully.

  • Go to settings and then security. 
  • Allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Then click to install the app on your phone. 
  • After installation is done, launch the app. 
  • Now you can use your previous WhatsApp account using your number 

The issue almost always arises from mobile security. It never allows you to download and install softwares from sources other than PlayStore. To solve this, you need to allow installation from unknown sources. Than you can easily install gb whatsapp, using same method as default whatsapp.

What Are The Features That GB Whatsapp Provides Its Users?

GB WhatsApp provides many features besides the classical WhatsApp that we already use. The list of these features is extensive, which you can find here. 

Online Status

GB WhatsApp allows its users to hide their online status even while they are chatting with another person. While in WhatsApp, they can find the online status when you reply. 

Airplane/Dnd Mode

People have joined abundant WhatsApp groups and have friends from all over the globe. This feature allows you to turn off the internet connection specifically for WhatsApp to enjoy your screen time without getting distracted. A commodity is available only in GB WhatsApp. 

Status Download

Since WhatsApp has allowed sharing the stories as status, people usually want to save some for themselves. GB comes with its built-in status downloader, allowing you to save whatever status you like.

Custom Stickers/Fonts

With your classic WhatsApp, you can create stickers for which you have to install a separate app, but in GB, you can all do this and have some fonts for your texts at no additional app or file download. 

Media Sharing

Whatsapp has a limit for sharing media of 15 MB, but with GB Whatsapp Plus, you can send up to 200 MB of data. 

Status Characters Length

Whatsapp GB Pro gives you a character length of about 255, while the traditional one only has 139 lengths. Thus limiting your thoughts and ideas you want to share with your world. 

Themes Support

There are different themes available that you can choose for your WhatsApp GB, while in the classic version, there is only a light or dark one available. 

Freeze Last Seen

GB allows you to freeze your last seen; this way, you can dodge when you have opened your WhatsApp. But this has become a redundant feature since most people have turned it off in their classic versions, so no one generally bothers about it.

Disable Forwarded Tag

While classic WhatsApp has the tag for forwarder messages, GB Whatsapp allows you to send these messages as normal. 

Anti-Delete Status Or Messages

The classic version of WhatsApp has introduced the feature of deleting messages; GB WhatsApp allows you to see what others have deleted. It will retain that message or status available for you to see and respond accordingly.

Auto Reply

GB WhatsApp has introduced an auto-reply feature to respond to your friends and family whenever you want. However, this feature is available in the WhatsApp business version of our OG creator. 

Increased Limit

Whether for a message or a media, GB WhatsApp has increased the limit of selecting whatever the case may be. The GB version can forward the message to 250 friends or groups. However, you can select up to 100 files at a time for media. 

Blue Tick After Reply

Another great feature of the GB version of WhatsApp is it gives a blue tick after you have replied to the user. So, if you have opened a chat mistakenly, you can still ignore it without replying. 

Custom Call Notification

GB wa also allows you to customize who can call you. Select this option from the contact details and toggle the no-call button. When turned on, that person will not be able to call you, and you won’t receive notification from that person. 

FeaturesGB WhatsappClassic Whatsapp
Online Status
Airplane/DND Mode
Status Download
Last Seen Freeze
Custom Fonts
Media Sharing200 MB max15 MB max
Text Status Length255 characters139 characters
Forwarded Tag
Anti Delete Mode
Security Lock
Auto Reply
Forward limit25010
Media share limit10030
Extra themes

How Can You Get A GB WhatsApp Update?

Since you have gb whatsapp pro downloaded and installed, get official and updated gb wa from us at We frequently check for updates and you will get its new version each time you visit. the installation guide is discussed above.

However, you can also update your GB WhatsApp through their setting, which takes you directly to their site, from where you can download and install the update without any additional steps. 

Common Features of GB WhatsApp & Default Versions?

While both versions have striking features to offer their audience, they share some common ones, which are quite satisfying. 

Live Location

Whether you are on WhatsApp or GB, you can share your live location with your loved ones and let them know where you are currently. This is a safety feature for most parents, ensuring their kid’s security. 

Message Broadcast

With message broadcast, you can send messages to a large audience without sending them to them individually. This saves one’s time to perform other urgent or important tasks. 

Status for Selected Audience 

If you plan on putting status for a selected audience, you can do so in classic or GB WhatsApp. Simply select the option to share your status with and select with whom you are willing to share. 

Pop Up Notification

Where notifications are important to keep in touch with things happening on WhatsApp, you can disable them. Go to your WhatsApp settings, and in the notification tab, disable pop-up notifications or select when you should get these.

Best Image Quality

While sharing media, its quality was graded down a lot, but with recent updates, you can share media in high resolutions both in WhatsApp GB apk and Classic versions. 

Is GB WhatsApp Available For iPhones?

Since many users have iPhones, GB developers have addressed this concern and released their iOS version apk file. Knowing how to download gb whatsapp on iphone is a bit tricky as there are several versions. To install GB Whatsapp ios,

  • Download the iOS version of this app.
  • After downloading, open the file and install it.
  • Launch the app after installation.
  • Now login with your number or create a new account.

How To Back Up Chats In GB Whatsapp’s New Version?

The classic WhatsApp can back up messages to Google Cloud on Android phones. Similarly, the iCloud on Apple stores the backup files. However, if you have GB Whatsapp download, you need a few more clicks to backup data.

Open latest gb whatsapp, search settings and select chat backup. You can also backup all media and personal data via PC. You just need to connect your mobile phone with pc/laptop using data cable. Open your mobile folder and up can be backed up in internal memory or on a PC. 

Because GB Whatsapp is not an official version of the tradename Whatsapp, you can’t back up your data on Google Drive or iCloud through them. However, you can copy your old messages from the classic version to your GB WhatsApp during installation. 

Why GB WhatsApp?

There are undoubtedly various exciting features regarding privacy and control in GB Whatsapp over normal Whatsapp. For example, the forwarded message shown in Whatsapp is not visible in GB Whatsapp. Similarly, the blue tick is controlled and shown to the other person only when you reply. It does not show when you read the message, which is the case in normal WhatsApp.

Deleted chats and statuses from personal and group chats are visible on GB WhatsApp. We can freeze the last seen time, which will remain the same until you change it.

It also allows you to hide the chat from the app. This way, if someone opens the app to see who you are texting to, they can’t find the hidden person.

Installing themes and new stickers/emojis is another fascinating feature for many GB Whatsapp users. It even has aeroplane mode, which allows you to disconnect from the internet without turning off the Wi-Fi or applying aeroplane mode to your phone.

You can write your name at the top left where “WhatsApp” is usually written. GB WhatsApp also allows scheduling messages, such as birthday messages.

GB WhatsApp can show deleted messages and statuses, which means it stores data in a backup. Therefore, many analysts say your data isn’t safe in GB WhatsApp. As per India today, it’s unsafe as it harvests your personal data and stores it in its cloud. However, many users still believe it is safe for chatting and video calling.

gb whatsapp infographic - 5 reasons why why gb whatsapp is preferred

Alternatives of GB WhatsApp

There are several variations that are alternatives to official gb whatsapp. Here is a complete list. you can explore these versions that provide similar features that official gb was version does.

  • Gold WhatsApp
  • OG WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Plus
  • Omar Whatsapp
  • Yo WhatsApp
  • Gb WhatsApp lite
  • Aero WhatsApp
  • FM WhatsApp
  • Heymods WhatsApp

FAQ’s Related To GB WhatsApp

How To Update GB WhatsApp?

To get an updated version of GB WhatsApp, visit and download the latest version. If you have already installed it, you will get a notification like this:

update gb whatsapp

Click on “UPDATE,” and you will get the latest version.

Some users ask how to update GB WhatsApp when it has expired or how to update GB WhatsApp without losing chats. This download method should fix the GB WhatsApp expired issue and retain chats in the new version.

Why Is My GB WhatsApp Not Updating?

If your Whatsapp is not updating or not working, try refreshing it. If it still does not work, uninstall and reinstall the application.

How To Restart GB WhatsApp?

There is an option in the top right corner of the settings bar, where you can find the “Restart GB Whatsapp” button. This is great for refreshing GB Whatsapp after continuous usage.

restart gb whatsapp

Is GB WhatsApp Safe?

The safety of GB WhatsApp is a controversial topic. There are mixed opinions, but according to our analysis, GB WhatsApp is pretty secure.

WhatsApp does not recommend using this altered version. Moreover, it is not available on the Android app store or Apple app store.

Is GB WhatsApp Banned?

Gb whatsapp is officially banned by Meta, the parent company of Whatsapp. Therefore, while using the app, you are asked to use the official version of Whatsapp instead of GB Whatsapp.

Whatsapp can detect whether you have installed GB Whatsapp and force you to move back to the normal version. It will show a notification saying your account will get banned if you don’t move back to the original version.

To understand how to use GB WhatsApp without getting banned, read how to avoid being flagged from WhatsApp and get a smooth social communication experience.

Avoid Getting Banned in WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp

  • Download the official WhatsApp version to solve this issue and choose your preferred language.
  • Enter the number of GB Whatsapp you were previously using. Get the verification done via phone and update your number if it shows as wrong. After verification, allow it access to calls, messaging, and the gallery.
  • Set up your profile, including name, image, and status.
  • Select the backup to never. This is why GB WhatsApp gets banned, which is the most important part. Setting backups to never will save your account from being flagged.
  • The last part links GB WhatsApp with normal WhatsApp using a QR code link device.

Is GB WhatsApp Legal?

As per the official WhatsApp privacy policy, GB WhatsApp is not allowed and is not legal. This is why sometimes user accounts get flagged, and they ask why my GB WhatsApp is not working.

Is GB WhatsApp Still Available?

Yes, GB WhatsApp is available for Android users globally. Even though its iPhone versions sometimes give warnings regarding privacy, they work smoothly as well.

How To Unhide Chat In GB WhatsApp?

Chat lock is an option provided by normal WhatsApp that allows you to hide certain users. To unhide it, go to the locked chat option under “Archive.” Use your facial recognition or fingerprint to access it and unlock the chat in the same way you locked it. This process will repeatedly ask for facial recognition or fingerprint login, so keep that in mind.

How To Use GB WhatsApp?

You can download GB Whatsapp from and get the official latest version. Then, set up your profile, and you’re good to go.

What Is GB WhatsApp Used For?

GB WhatsApp is used for advanced features not readily available in normal WhatsApp. The most prominent are privacy, double tick, last seen, and other users’ online status.

How To Restore GB WhatsApp Messages Without Backup?

If WhatsApp data is not stored in your phone’s file manager or database, it will be impossible to recover the deleted data. However, if you have data in the file manager, you can easily restore it.

To restore GB WhatsApp data, follow the below steps:

  • Go to file manager and storage (or internal storage)
  • Go to the database and look for WhatsApp data. If you have it, you can quickly restore it.
  • Open GB Whatsapp if you already have it. If you don’t, go to and download the latest version.
  • Go to GB settings from the top right, go to universal, and then find backup/restore.
  • Create a backup of GB Whatsapp. Go to the file manager and delete this backup. Copy the previous backup and replace it.
  • Now relaunch the app, and all the previous chats, messages, and pictures/videos will restored.

Why Is GB WhatsApp Not Installing On My Phone?

Many users ask why GB WhatsApp is not installed on their phones. There can be several reasons. You can fix it by clearing the cache, checking your phone’s storage, or updating software.

How To Change GB WhatsApp Home Screen Wallpaper?

Changing the background in GB Whatsapp is easy. Open the app and go to the top right corner. Go to GB settings and select universal. There, select colours and find the background. When you click on the background, it will show three options: solid colour, gradient colour, and photo. Click on the photo and select your desired image from your phone’s gallery.

The image will be saved and appear in the background when you return. Try to select an image that does not reduce visibility.

Can WhatsApp GB See Hidden Status?

No, GB Whatsapp doesn’t have access to other users’ data and can’t show status; they hide from you.

Should I Shift To GB WhatsApp?

GB Whatsapp is not an official update from the Whatsapp servers, but it uses their server for communication. So, if you are thinking of shifting to GB WhatsApp for some extra features, that is your decision, but be aware that any data loss or theft will be your responsibility. 

GB WhatsApp doesn’t provide official data privacy, so whoever you contact, chat with, or call can lead to theft or loss of your private or intimate files. It is built by a non-profit organization; you can’t trust every source to peek into your device. 

However, the Classic version offers end-to-end encryption, so your chats are encrypted and only available between two users sharing that code. This encryption is hard to crack but reliable, allowing users to share their private information over this medium.

gb whatsapp infographic - 5 key features that differentiates gb whatsapp from normal one

Final Words

GB WhatsApp is an alternative version of the classic WhatsApp that offers basic features and provides additional features for users to enjoy. However, you should only install this carefully and retain backups continuously. Moreover, it is recommended not to share personal data using GB WhatsApp. The reason is, backup is retained by a third party and is not end-to-end encrypted. Most importantly, data loss is frequent. 

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